Creation Sings
Youth Choir
Oct 15th, 2018

“Culturally relevant”, “dynamic!”, “exciting!” and “fantastic!” are just some of the words that have been used to describe Creation Sings Youth Choir. They are not your average every-day choral choir: they move, they sing and they dance! They are expressive and dramatic! Always dress for the occasion – their costumes offer a visual flair to spice up their performances.  They are a non- denominational Christian choir whose focus is to spread the gospel, hope and joy through our energetic and uplifting performances. 

Creation Sings Youth Choir songs range from Reggae (Inspirational & Gospel), African (Broadway & Gospel) and Negro Spiritual. 


The choir operates from September to August and has weekly rehearsals and multiple performances. We accept ages 10 - 17 years old.

Creation Sings Youth Choir  perform in nursing homes, schools, churches, Black History month events, Carabram, Carassauga, Centre Stage Youth Talent Show - Rose Theatre, TD Irie Music Festival, Jerk Fest, LOVEBrampton, Emancipation Day, UnBoxed - Garden Square Brampton and Inspirational Music In The Park - Gage Park Brampton. 

Auditions are held in August and are mandatory to assess interest and potential of the candidate. Auditions are initially done in groups and then individually. We endeavor to keep this process as comfortable and stress free as best we can.  

We teach vocal techniques to build and strengthen the vocal. We also teach stage presence, posture and breathing.  We teach life lessons and instill moral and ethical values. We also build self esteem and confidence in our choir members. We use the bible as a guide and an instruction manual to correct, strengthen and encourage our choir members. 

We do several activities throughout the year.

Friendship Game; helps to create friendship in the choir.

Date Night;  we go out to dinner, each person has a specific member of the choir that they sit with for dinner.

Movie Night; we go to an inspirational movie

Noisy Night; we choose a fun place where we can scream, shout and have fun.

Cultural Heritage Celebration; each member dresses in their cultural wear, bring a dish to share, display various items from their heritage and tell the others about their heritage.

Outdoor Activity - photography & studio recording.

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24 Kerwood Place

Brampton Ontario



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